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What is Dimensionals about?

Dimensionals is an RPG that combines fast paced, action packed tactics with deep rogue-like replayability. Collect powerful heroes and fight epic bosses. Every run is unique, so equip your heroes carefully to pull off insane combos. Dimensionals is a total reimagining of the rogue-like genre!

How do I wishlist Dimensionals?

You can wishlist here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2856450/Dimensionals/

How many heroes will be available at launch?

There will be 20 heroes available at launch, each with their own pool of cards and combos to create.

How do I play Dimensionals?

Players can participate in the playtests by signing up on the game's Steam Page

How much will Dimensionals cost?

Dimensionals is set to be a premium title; price will be disclosed soon

When will the game be released?

Dimensionals will launch across every platform, starting with Steam in Q4 2024

Is Dimensionals a crypto-based or NFT game?

It is not a crypto-based game. Dimensionals is a traditional Steam game, you buy it once and it is yours forever. We do not have any plans to integrate web3 or NFTs into our game.

Is Dimensionals a multiplayer game?

The game is currently a single player game, but we are exploring in Co-op and PVP

How different will the final version of Dimensionals be?

At the moment players are seeing very early versions of the game. The final version will include more cool features!

Will there be PVP?

PvP will not be supported at the initial release. However, we are currently testing PvP internally and experimenting with different approaches. We want to find the right type of PvP that fits Dimensionals and when it is ready, we will share news with you all.

Will Dimensionals have microtransactions?

Nope, Dimensionals will not have any microtransactions, but will have DLC available in 2025

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