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Mino Games Announces the Launch of Dimensionals Gameplay Trailer: First Roguelike Deckbuilder With Collectible Characters
Bringing Back the Saturday Morning Cartoon Nostalgia
MONTREAL, Canada – March 21, 2024 – Today Mino Games opens up applications for playtests in their latest Game Dimensionals. Mino Games, with previous success on mobile with their titles Cat Game & Minomonsters, just unveiled their steam page for their unique new IP. Dimensionals aims to be the first Rogue-like deck-builder that features collecting and battlingHeroes from different Dimensions. Dimensionals is a premium title that will launch across every platform, starting with Steam in 2024. DLC expansion packs will become available as new Dimensions and Heroes are released.
“We’re very excited to see players fall in love with Dimensionals, just like we have. We’ll be making a splash in the roguelike deckbuilder genre – we’re introducing lots of innovative gameplay. Dimensionals is the first roguelike game with collectible characters and it forgoes traditional card drawing in favor of directly equipping cards to heroes, which makes the game fast paced and extremely strategic. The combos are endless!” - Sasha MacKinnon CEO of Mino Games.
With its alpha playtests starting in April, here is a rundown of everything you need to know about Dimensionals before wishlisting it on Steam.

What will the Dimensionals gameplay be like?

Directly equipping cards to heroes in Dimensionals meaningfully changes the pace and intensity of the game, enabling greater strategic depth and allowing players to customize their approach to each battle. With its roots in the tactical complexity of 'Slay the Spire' and the character charm reminiscent of 'Pokemon', Dimensionals offers an accessible but deep experience to a broad audience, from parents and kids to hardcore gamers. The game's art direction takes a bold leap forward, presenting a visually stunning '2.5D' art style that is envisioned for the big screen and mobile alike. Heroes, environments, and enemies are brought to life with vibrant color, detail, and expression, making each moment in the game memorable. Accompanied with an original soundtrack by renowned Disney composer Brad Breeck that harkens back to the adventure and excitement of Saturday morning cartoons, Dimensionals envelops players in a world full of characters that is both nostalgically familiar and exhilaratingly new.

Key Game Features:

Distinct Heroes & Equip Mechanics:

Dimensionals features unique heroes, each with their own set of equips and style, eliminating the randomness of card draws for a more strategic and customizable gameplay experience.

Hero Strategy & Combos:

There are dozens of unique heroes to collect from different dimensions, each with their own rare skins and pool of equips. Players strategically equip a party of three heroes to unlock nearly infinite combos.

Simplified Deck Building:

By directly equipping heroes with skills, players can immediately engage in fast-paced, action-packed gameplay without the downtime of traditional deck building.

Roguelike Replayability:

In true roguelike fashion, each run lasts about an hour, but due to the sheer number of hero and equip combos, no two runs are the same. Dimensionals was crafted to solve a common deckbuilder constraint: the need to stick to one strategy. It introduces flexible equip changes, enabling players to modify strategy from one battle to the next. This innovation forces players to think creatively and strategically about their hero selections and equip choices for every raid, and with this, players have endless replayability. Mino Games aims to address the demand for roguelikes with collectible characters, interactive narratives, and high production quality, attempting to set a new genre standard by being highly accessible and insanely fun.
You can wishlist Dimensionals on Steam now or sign up for a playtest on Dimensionals.com.

A sneak peek at the Dimensionals Story

For thousands of years, the Dimensionals have been the heroes chosen to protect every Dimension. United they formed an army to travel into the Rift, the ominous space between dimensions, and fight back the evil from within… the Specters. After years of peace in the Rift - Ragnarath, King of the Specters, has now unleashed his army of specters on every dimension at once, which infect the living creatures in each. The assault was so powerful, it left every Dimensional stranded defending their own home. It’s up to players to reunite the Dimensionals, fight back Ragnarath and the Specters, and bring peace to the multiverse.
“As a fellow pokemon fan, I’m really impressed with how Mino is translating the best of pokemon into all new experience with spectacular art and animation” – Bing Gordon, technology venture capitalist and ex Chief Creative Officer of video game publisher and developer Electronic Arts.

About Mino Games

Founded in 2011 and based in Montreal, Canada, Mino Games has established itself as a venture-capital-backed studio that self-publishes. With a history rooted in free-to-play mobile titles including Mino Monsters and Cat Game, they've developed over 3,000 original characters, highlighting their focus on character-driven IP. Now, they're transitioning into premium Steam and cross-platform releases, leveraging their extensive experience to continue creating rich character-driven worlds.
For more information and our latest developer blog, visit https://www.minogames.com/.


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Fight different enemies

Fight different enemies

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a heroic story awaits in the rift

a heroic story awaits in the rift



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